Top Animation Software for Beginners

Not all artists will find the same animation software platform to be ideal. Even if one may have more strong specialized skills than another, this does not guarantee that the features and workspaces will align with your goals. Your best bet is to try different programs to see which ones work for you.

Note that some brands have multiple animators available. For instance, the animation software package from Adobe comes with an effect adder, a character animator, and an animator for cross-platform publication. Everything relies on your objectives and vision.


With this so-called all-in-one art studio, you can use your iPad to draw, paint, animate, and sketch. Take pleasure in creating with 2D and 3D animation software that is highly powerful and intuitive for both beginners and experts.

Procreate animation tools include fun features like time-lapse and helpful tools like color-coded skins. Starting with just a quick sketch, you can make looping GIFs as well as polished animated pieces. Some artists use it to make animations for social media.


Blender is the only program you need if you’re seeking for free animation software. This global community develops and maintains this open source platform, which is free for both personal and business use by novices and experts alike.

This 3D animation software allows you to model, rig, animate, simulate, render, motion track, and edit. It is made for your whole process. In the process of learning 3D character animation, you can also import textures and other external objects.

Blender works on Mac OS, Linux and Windows and won’t cost you a penny.

Adobe After Effects

Animating with Adobe After Effects is a standard practice in the industry for producing visual effects and managing motion graphics, in addition to Adobe Creative Cloud. The program is helpful for both novices and experts in producing complicated motion, animated characters, and software integration.

Although it’s regarded as top 2D and 3D animation software for Windows and Mac OS, the platform isn’t your best option for frame-by-frame animation.

You can start with a free trial, but after that this animation software will require a monthly subscription.

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate, formerly known as Adobe Flash, is a 2D animation program used to make classic cartoons. A variety of methods can be used, including hand-drawn, frame-by-frame, and puppet animation (which involves using a character rig without requiring it to be redrew). It is also possible to import a character created by another illustrator.

Beginners can use this platform; experts, such as the people who created “My Little Pony,” also utilize it for well-known animated series.

As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Animate is available with a monthly subscription for both Windows and Mac OS.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is the best 3D animation program available for modeling, texturing, lighting, and visual effects in addition to animation. Although the program was created for the now-defunct Amiga machines, it is currently compatible with Windows and macOS.

Although novices will appreciate the program’s accessibility, user-friendly interface, and adaptable style, experts will find it powerful enough for their needs. It is possible to learn how to animate 3D objects in real-time video or even turn 3D animation into 2D animation.

Get to know this platform with a trial download, then keep working with a monthly subscription.

Autodesk Maya

Leading 3D animation software is Autodesk Maya, which is used by Disney and other major animation studios. Through modeling, simulation, and motion graphics, you can produce amazing effects, realistic characters, and data visualizations.

With Maya, it’s fun to think larger. Animators adore it for its expansive vistas and dramatic battle sequences. It also frees you up to concentrate on adding movement and texture elements for realistic-looking cloth, hair, and water.

Although professionals prefer Maya, it is still possible to use it as a beginning on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. A free trial is available to get started, but in order to continue using it, you must pay a monthly subscription fee that is a little more than that of many other platforms for animation software.


Maybe Pencil 2D is an excellent program to start your animation project if you enjoy traditional hand-drawn animation. You may utilize both raster and vector drawings with this free program, and switching between the two kinds of artwork is simple. With the cross-platform Pencil 2D tool, animation is still a top priority even when you’re on the road. Users can add features and access the source code of the software because it is fully free and open-source.


runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux & Free BSD
supports raster and vector images;
includes various handy tools;
includes distortion and light effects;
import/export as a GIF is available;